A Whap To The Head

So yesterday we were at the dog leash park – just me and my two older boys.  We were all very relaxed and happy as it is rare and new that it is just the three of us.  “Hey mom – catch” Paul calls out as he throws the leash to me.  Unfortunately he throws it pretty hard and the metal clasp hits me straight above my glasses on my temple and next thing I am doubled over on the ground trying not to scream.  Paul is pretty concerned and I am trying to reassure him that it was an accident and that I will be okay in between my “eeks, ahhs and almost curses”.  I do not always have the best language at the best of times so I felt pretty accomplished and in control for a change.

It ended up being a short uncomfortable moment.  I was pretty happy that my glasses did not break and though I feel a bruise it is not visible.  I also felt like a pretty good mom as I did not get mad but simply told Paul to not ever through the leash again.  We had a nice walk.

Funny how physical pain can be more tolerable than a day filled with endless temper tantrums, debates, negotiations and complaints.  Not my kids but some of you others with you know “problem children”.  SMILE WINK.


~ by Nicole on October 17, 2011.

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