Did I Mention And The Dog?

This morning we were pretty organized and out the door loaded in the van. And then there was the dog. As usual I was grabbing a couple of last minute items from the house when a couple of the boys came running in to tell me the dog was in the cooler foraging left over food from our recent road trip. And see I knew she was doing this when I brought my first load of stuff to the van but figured she would only take it so far and so put it out of my head (denial). The boys were yelling and squealing excitedly. Partially they were trying to get my attention – and also they were trying to get our 70lb dog out of the cooler. Likely one could hear them two blocks down (mind you it always feels that way). The set back was minor in regards to time but the impact on my mood not so good. It was one of those moments where my purse was at the front entrance because it got snagged on the front door when I hurried out to the ruckus. My lap top bag was on the ground in front of the van side door and debris not yet unpacked from the road trip was added to the pile as I hurriedly extracted from my dog the pretzels she had spilled all over the floor, three rolls of paper towels always very delicious and anything else that looked edible and/or gross. Next out the cooler and all kinds of miscellaneous junk that I figured I might as well unpack while I was at it. Kids still screaming and squealing and to myself I say “calm kids, pack this stuff off the sidewalk, remember my purse, try not to yell, try not to snap and HURRY”. I ended up only leaving a couple of minutes late and we all survived another moment of chaos.

She and My Boy

Oh I almost forgot – she also ate all of my meatballs today. Hand rolled and prepped for a lovely diner I stepped outside to take the compost out. I have been away for a week and lost my high alert mode in regards to Nelley “the land shark”. I came into the house and proceeded to wash out my bucket reflecting on how that this must be “the mystery smell” I had noticed since coming home from my holiday a couple of days earlier. When I went to warm my oil in the frying pan I quickly washed some dishes and wondered where the blue plate had come from. When I went to put the meat balls on I realized the blue plate was the meat ball plate. Nelley was resting in the living room looking quite content. I gave up on supper entirely. Now I am back on high alert mode.


~ by Nicole on October 17, 2011.

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