Family Created

We moved to a new neighborhood in May and found out how to create family.  The boys have excellent grand folks but they live so far away that the relationship between them and that other generation has been missing.

Rosemary lives two doors down and  has grandchildren that are also far away.  She started popping in here and again and progressively more often untill now we actually see her two to three times a week.  She pops over with treats and toys.  The boys watch for her car and race over to see her when she gets home from her various outings.  They have started to do little chores for her like raking the leaves and not always but sometimes she pays them a coin or two.  This summer she accompanied us to a Stampede Breakfast – and to be honest without her I would never have gone.

This might not be the best photo as the boys are waiting in line for the bouncy tent and man do they ever look grumpy.  Anyways – that is Rosemary in the pink.

The ultimate best thing ever is she thinks it is really “neat” that we homeschool and she is a natural teacher herself.  Every Monday she comes over and works with the kids on various subjects.  Mostly they read to her and she encourages them through words that are hard.  She has also been practicing multiplication tables with Paul.  I love it and appreciate her so much.

So we all learned somthing.  I learned that we can create the family we need when geography interferes with our expectations.  The kids have learned that the older folks are pretty cool and learning from other people is lots of fun.

Its funny though – they always complain when she first gets here but when she is done and asks if she should come again next week they always say “yes”.  They even do homework for her.  Love it!


~ by Nicole on November 21, 2011.

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