Team Work

How do you move a sheet of plywood up the tobogganing hill?  When you get it to the top what should you do then?  If you ride it all the way down the steeper side instead of the gradual incline from your first effort will it be possible to get it back up again?  What sort of teamwork and encouragement is required?  Will you ride it down again? What is a sheet of plywood doing out there anyways??!!

 How do you move a sheet of plywood up the tobogganing hill?  Simple you take the toboggans and slide them under – it will take three and the style is going to be a factor.  Take four boys and get on one side and slide it on up.  It will require even pushing and so communication will be necessary.  One will have to ease up, one will have to speed up and this will go back and forth until you all get going at the same pace.  Bickering, fighting and arguing will be detrimental and everybody knows it.

When you get to the top the fun thing to do would be to ride down.  In this case the slope up was gradual and the distance travelled was short.  I think the best thing would be to find the steepest slope and then ride down.  Standing if your mom will let you!  Warning – it may not work out quite as well as you planned.

Once you get to the bottom you might realize it is a long way back up.  When you work together its going to be a longer go and you will need to add in plenty of encouragement.  Your team mates might get mad and even sick of it.  Some may want to give up but in feeling the team pressure press on.  The challenges are more but it can be done and so you persevere.

At the end of getting it up you will have practiced excellent team work and you will feel very accomplished but you will not ride down again.  The challenge was good but now it is time for simplicity and toboggans.

Not really sure what a sheet of plywood was doing there in the first place but my boys can always find these strange things and a creative “something” to do.

Oh and just so you fully realize how very important this project was view the intense preparation before the first Big Slide.

It marvels me and fills me with joy when my boys make something so simple, interesting, and fun.  The language they use and the communication involved in this task was amazing.  I just love my boys and my life.


~ by Nicole on January 24, 2012.

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