Talking Sticks

Samuel had spent hours one day in the Fall with his pocket knife.  Ever so often I would wonder where he was and then look to find him sitting on the front steps whittling or whatever you would call it – making, tools, creating, and certainly enjoying the moment.  I am so proud that my boys can make something out of nothing.  I am so glad that my boys can keep busy without a task, a chore, a directive, a video game, TV, a movie, an assignment.  I love the boyish play, the busy hands, and the peaceful calm of such a simple thing.  On this particular day Samuel created these sticks and for quite some time they had no purpose.  On evening we turned them into something useful – we call them “talking sticks”.

 The talking sticks are not always used at our table but 50% of the time we bring them out and give it a try – supper time only.  Modeled after a Native American tradition – you must have a stick to talk.  Traditionally one stick is used but we implemented a second stick to share between two people that are having a conversation and dialogue.  One must put up there hand if they want in on the conversation and though this may sound like a little crazy it is way less crazy than 4 little boys talking at the same time.  Hand up equals the opportunity for one of the sticks.  It does get silly and does not always work but sometimes it is the key to a most peaceful meal and the most interesting conversations.  Amazing how when you can actually hear them they have the most interesting things to say.


~ by Nicole on January 30, 2012.

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