Those Cows

Watch how the curiosity is exchanged between both the kids and the cows.  In the end in true boy form they chased them on the bikes.  Nelly our dog really enjoyed the excitement as well – unfortunately for her she was tied up for the duration.

Last year we were aligned with the Alberta curriculum and we had to learn about Alberta in social studies.  During one stage we were specifically learning about the Foothills and though the program we were studying was done quite well – the boys simply hated reading about the province and watching videos on the internet.

This year we are not aligned and so I can let these lessons come more naturally through life experience.  The following illustration is precisely why I believe the best learning comes through that which happens out in the world:

One day in the early Fall we had gone out to McClean Creek Pond to have our usual picnic, biking and fishing day adventure but on this particular day we had some very big and very funky visitors.  Yes indeed the cows came and came until there were about a dozen – slowly creeping around the corner and into our picnic area.  It was this very vivid lesson about ranching in the Foothills.  I got excited and said “Remember our social studies last year!  This is it!  This is cattle from the ranchers and this is why the cattle guards are everywhere.”  Well indeed they did not listen for a second and spent the next half hour stalking and sneaking up on the cows as they moved slowly and then quickly through the area.  What a riot and what a lesson learned – real life, real time about ranching in the foothills.  Beats a book any day indeed and I am pretty sure my stories about Ranching in the Foothills had gone in one ear and out the other but this they will never forget. 

To be honest in trying to connect the dots (for my own satisfaction) I rambled on and on about the connection and the things we learned in school but again they were on to new things by then – my voice like the droning sound in the Charlie Brown cartoons.  I had to smile knowing full well this is the beauty of natural learning – they are on to new things and learn just as much if not more soaking up life and living things all around.

By the way I love cows and so excuse all of the photos.  I grew up on a farm in Northern Saskatchewan and though we moved to BC when I was a young girl I remember vividly the cows and watching them.  I dare say I was a little bit like the main character in Charlottes’ Web – loved those farm animals and especially the cows.


~ by Nicole on January 30, 2012.

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