No Cereal For Breakfast – The Efforts of Chef Sam

This morning I was going to set the kids up with a quick bowl of cereal.  If my kids were in school that would be a pretty logical thing to feed them before the rush off to school but my kids are pretty lucky in our home where I do believe breakfast is the most important meal.  But really, come on – sometimes cereal is just such an easy option.  When I insist it is a cereal morning they usually complain but they still get cereal.  Today was a different story for how could I possibly resist the efforts of chef Sam.

Samuel did everything that you see in that slide show.  I pretty much turned my back for a moment and instead of getting into trouble Sam was prepping as much as he could so that we could have a fabulous breakfast.

Credit in this case would go to him of course but his leading influence on this count would be his father who could be called Barnabas The Baker along with his other alias Barnabas The Builder.  He guides them and sets an example for food and good eating.  Not so much organic or grain free but more so home cooked and true preparation opposed to quick fast food.  Samuel seems to have taken to this the most for he rarely needs prompting and in this case none at all.


~ by Nicole on January 31, 2012.

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