“Your Are Perfect” – Accidental Good Parenting

I have been trying to rest a little here and there – something I never did for too many years.  I was laying on the couch in the sun when one of my 6 year olds came over and snuggled up.  I shifted my body to the side so he could snuggle in close and he said “thanks”.  He always says thanks to the most beautiful simple things. 

So anyway he was quickly drawn away by his older brothers and as he was getting ready to go  I gave him a quick squeeze and said “you are perfect”. To that he said “I know”. 

It was a funny moment because as I briefly snuggled with him I was thinking about his temper and intensity and was going to give him some feedback about that.  You know – suggestions of how to tone that down and strategies for how to control himself.  In deciding to say “you are perfect”.  I think him I gave him so much more than my mini lecture would have ever have served.  I love accidental good parenting.


~ by Nicole on February 6, 2012.

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