Diorama Metropolis

It started out as a couple of buildings and grew to a metropolis with green space and even a harbor with a lovely boat.

We were pretty busy last week with snowboarding three days and so we did not do any “book work” at all. As usual the boys kept busy with many activities but this was the central theme for the week.

Paul has quite firmly taken a stance that this city is his vision and his creation while Sam argues that he “built it too”. Sam did build it too but it was definitely Paul that worked endlessly to add-on to and make this beautiful diorama.

I did watch it all unfold and I was responsible for a couple of necessary relocates as it grew too big for the kitchen table and then too cluttered for the living room floor. They did all of the rest including collecting the resources from around the house.

Creative kids with vision – cool!


~ by Nicole on February 13, 2012.

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