Love Them As They Are

Love them where they are – ALL of them your children and including your mother, father, friends, sisters, brothers, and lovers.  It is only from this place of embracing them can we truly allow them to be and become all that they are meant to be.  In true form they will grow and share their gifts in this world and I am quite sure that in this way they will also be happy.

Speaking of loving them as they are we have moved into a new phase of individuality in regards to hair. Of course I am totally okay with however they want to wear it but I have a huge preference to cut it myself because quite simply I am “Irish”. We have been giving the boys including their dad the good old buzz cut for as long as we’ve had children but now officially our oldest son wants to grow his hair long. We managed to convince him this last time to leave a tail at the bottom and the usual buzz on the rest and we are aiming to convince him to go the Mullet route. He is not impressed so this might be the end of a good thing in the lives of our hair cutting world. As you can see in the photo above “my middle” has decided on a Mohawk which was pretty easy to do and he looks good. So far so good on the twins – but they always follow the lead of the older brothers. Sigh….I knew it was coming. But I will love them as they are and as they choose.

This is very small in the scale of life choices they will make – I KNOW. This is also very small in regards to moments where I’ve had to love them anyways. I think that if all we know is that we “should” then we mostly will – even if we resist in between. Unfortunately we might yell when we mean to speak gently. We may even stomp our feet when we know we ought to act our age. We do the best we can from moment to moment. We always come back to loving them and showing it – sharing it and giving it to them unconditionally our love.

We move forward everyday doing the very best we can.


~ by Nicole on February 13, 2012.

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