Body Hair and Sharing

Sitting on the bed in that one very sunny room of our house were Samuel and I. It was a delightfully relaxing moment within a sort of tiresome and mentally draining week. He says, “Oh – I have hair on my arms”. He seems very excited about this and so I say “hmmm”. Then he adds “I was hoping it would be black.” He is quite matter of fact and sounds a little bit let down and so I say “it might be black when you get older”. He says “oh” and the conversation is over. It is a simple exchange but I realize how important it is that I am present to be the sounding board for these little things.

It really was a hard week and on these weeks I think what on earth could I possibly have to offer anybody by writing about parenting. But I know very well for it is the simple act of sharing – that is a gift isn’t it. It is in the sharing that we realize we are not alone. We can rejoice on the good days – this is a beautiful experience and we can relate on the bad knowing “it is not just me”.

So if it is a good day – love it, love them and enjoy. If it’s crappy, exhausting and “sucky” read my next week’s blog about getting a dog. Or simply just wait……the next moment is coming and it’s going to be better.


~ by Nicole on February 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Body Hair and Sharing”

  1. I love these beautiful little insights into the life raising boys. I’m in the midst of raising 2 little ones myself and find your stories reassuring and encouraging. They remind me that life is made up of all these little moments that need to be cherished because one day all too soon, we’ll be sending them out into the crazy world. Thank you for reminding of life’s beautiful little moments. Oh, and little boys are the absolute best!

    • Hi! I really appreciate your comment. It is the first comment outside of my circle of friends and you have nailed my intention for writing this blog – which means a lot to me and also encourages me to keep on writing. For me it is always the little things and the small moments where I have the clarity and therefore experience the joy in this role of parent. Thank you and thank you for appreciating my expression. This is also my first blogging and public writing experience so ALL encouragement is deeply touching.
      Enjoy those boys!

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