Captured Moments & Dirty Nelly

I was crouching down at the river’s edge and I got bulldozed onto my butt from a frolicking dog that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was a good laugh and I brushed myself off, stood straight up and proceeded to have a great conversation with a couple of dog owners. In case you have not guessed we are talking about the off leash Dog Park.

The river was moving after a very intense deep freeze. Between the honking geese one could hear the “sloshing” sound of the thawed ice as it brushed against the ice shelf. Everywhere were happy faces – people faces and dog faces enjoying and celebrating the thaw. We were all enjoying the day, the walk, and the quiet.

The dead ducks washing along the shore took away from the beauty somewhat but hey we take the good with the bad right? Death must happen for life right? Some days we feel like dead ducks or think our kids might be dead ducks if they do not stop fighting right? The dead ducks belonged there too.

Okay no but seriously now – I thank my dog for so many things including thriving in the midst of some pretty difficult parenting and life times. Let’s face it – the house is a mess, the laundry is never done, and it is almost always noisy. Everybody needs something at every given moment and it is hard to think straight in the middle of another long day.

SOMETIMES right? Sometimes often and sometimes not so much but we all have our moments. I remember a time during this parenting journey when my twins were babies people would ask me about my day I would reflect that I would die if I counted my day but instead I must count my moments. I really appreciate my dog for she gets me out of the house with no further explanation “going to walk the dog”. She gets me out when it is cold and otherwise I might stay home. She helps me thrive and she brings me to a place where I find quiet, I can reflect and I can remember what this whole gig is about. She gives me my moment.

Fortunately we live in a city that celebrates dogs and in particular we live near one of the longest most beautiful off leash parks in the city. This park boasts 5 river accesses and if you loop around all of the various areas and travel down all of the various trails it would take at least an hour to do a full lap.

Yesterday instead of taking my usual Sunday walk – just me and the dog I took two of my 4 boys. This is the photos of all of us just relaxing and enjoying the moment. I can easily say our days at this park are our best moments.

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These days at the park by myself are also my very best alone moments. My baby girl Nelly as much as she is a pain has brought me back to where I know how to be peaceful – in nature. She has taught me that even in the midst of a city the natural world makes its way in and fills me up. And every momma needs the perfect reason to head out the door – no questions asked!


~ by Nicole on February 27, 2012.

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