Darts Are Dangerous

Just in case you might think darts are not all that dangerous – remember they are.

I have decided that my children much like myself would rather learn all things the hard way. After several times on the weekend of confiscating the darts from the grubby hands of my dirty little children – the ultimate injury happened.

One of the twins threw a dart accidentally at his brother and the entire 2cm tip went straight into his arm. He screamed for a while and then was okay. A call to Alberta Health Link confirmed that a hospital trip nor a visit to the walk in clinic was required. It was also confirmed that all our tetanus boosters were up to date. Swelling was minimal as was bleeding – but it still hurt and he was lucky it went in his arm not elsewhere.

His brother only just six was the most devastated and asked if he was going to be arrested. I did tell him no and reminded him that accidents happen.

The darts are gone in the land of garbage. We carry on – all have learnt a pretty good lesson – darts are dangerous! I am sincerely glad it was not a lawn dart – those things have a serious long tip on them.


~ by Nicole on March 13, 2012.

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