Not 20 Anymore – FAIL

This whole snowboarding revisit has been pretty cool and I am preparing a longer snowboarding story as the next excerpt to my blog. However I thought you would all enjoy a laugh so I thought I would share a short story.

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For those of you that do not already know I have ventured into one of my favourite sports after 10 long years off. I have been marvelling about how the boys already ride differently than I do. I was pretty good rider in my day and rode with some of the best but I never did the tricks. I would drop off cliffs and catch air but always just simple – forward facing and land. I loved the trees and would consider myself what was then called a “free rider”. Well that is what I remember it being called anyways.

The boys only beginners and in year two are already heading to the trick parks and both of my older boys are doing “box slides”. For those of you that do not know what that is – it is basically a rectangular box buried in the snow and one rides along it nose of board pointing down and then drops off the edge. It seems to be a step down from a rail slide but I think with the rail slide one slides down sideways rather than pointing down. They range in difficulty from longer to shorter and from fairly level to raised up.

I had been thinking that perhaps I would become a different sort of rider and join the boys in this style and so yesterday while at Nakiska – just me and the older boys I took a leap of faith. Yeah really smart eh? I did not research how to do the trick, I did not plan ahead but rather in a moment of curiosity I tried a box slide. My sweetest husband thinks this is very hilarious and said he might have understood my effort had the boys been watching but instead just in a sheer fleeting moment all by myself I jumped on. I made it 3/4 of the way on a 4-5 ft length before I lost my balance, focus and slid off the side. I am not really sure what happened but I landed in some pain. I must have bashed my shin on the box edge and then landed on my hand with my finger bent a little backwards. With pride and my natural determination I got up and rode down the hill to meet my awaiting boys. I kept it simple – told them I had tried a box slide and that was all I was going to ever do. Told them I had bashed my shin and we had a quick look at the gash and blood before I pulled my sock over and we rode on.

Nothing much hurt other than a little pain – sort of like a bruise. My finger was a little bruised and sore too but this was my big day with the boys and so we spent the next 4 hours on the hill enjoying the nice weather. The drive home was fine – not very painful and I changed out of my boots but did not bother to look down.

At home was when reality kicked in. The pressure of my boots which are tight had kept the swelling to above my boots. My shin was completely swollen in a very large concentrated area and I could not put weight on my leg. I spent the rest of the evening on ice and only this morning is it comfortable but not quite normal. My finger is also black and blue and swollen to stiffness that forces me to type without using that digit at all. I am not hurt really all that bad but I am humbled and reminded that I am not 20 years old and even if I was in good enough shape for this I have been 10 years off and ought to just be realistic. Maybe – just maybe I will try again but I am leaning towards not. I think I will let the boys be boys and I will be a pretty cool mom riding along beside them but not exactly.

What do you think?


~ by Nicole on March 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Not 20 Anymore – FAIL”

  1. What I think is you are totally the coolest mom ever! I think it is a privilege to have known you when your twins were wee, to see how you struggled to keep your family flowing, and yourself sane, and to see how you yourself have simply blossomed in the years since. You are looking absolutely radiant and, as one mama who feels she hasn’t fared so beautifully, may I say, just, wow …

    • Oh Cindy – thank you. Remember when you all met me at the Science Center so that I could have your extra eyes and hands? Just in case both those little things wanted to bf at the same time and oh my goodness what was I going to do if any of them had to go to the bathroom??!! And then the twins fell asleep on me and you guys got me through. I am so gratefull for all of the support of people over the years. Now I am all four on a ski hill – in this case two but I have been going all four and me by myself.

      You are beautifull Cindy and I can say wholeheartedly that I have been a milli second behind you in action and feeling that might have ended exactly or taken me exactly where you have been. Things could have gotten worse for me real fast and I could always relate to you and your journey. You are a gift to so many women. You are still standing and breathing and living an example of many things. I still have to take each day as it comes and I am not always who I wish I could be. And not only do I have to take each day as it comes – I have to take each moment as it comes – always forgiving myself and then taking the next step with love and best effort. Its not easy is it?

      One of these days I will write what I consider to be one of my worst days – the reason for Fish Tank mom.

      Lots of love to you Cindy! Thank you!

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