If Only They Didn’t Need to Eat

I would get so much done if only they didn’t need to eat which leads to dishes and the revolving cooking, eating and cleaning cycle.

It’s a lot to ask……… I know.  I might be willing to go for the ease of them all having the same preferences at every meal.  I am lucky if I can get 75% to eat on any given meal.

I have actually evolved from the type of girl who never ate nor made breakfast to one that can whip off a batch of pancakes from scratch in a flash.  On an egg morning I can cook fried egg sandwiches for one, sunny side up for the other and boiled egg with toast for the last two.  And though as per one of my previous posts I do not believe in cereal – for goodness sakes “eat some damned cereal boys!!”.

Wondering what I am going to make for supper?  And grumpy about it – can you tell?  Wondering if it is possible that I might turn into a scrambled egg!  I might enjoy that – it might be quiet.


~ by Nicole on March 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “If Only They Didn’t Need to Eat”

  1. […] ASIDE: I think it took me years to realize that the little buggers need to eat supper (and lunch, and breakfast, and second breakfast, and pre-supper) EVERY SINGLE DAY. My friend Nicole, mother to four boys, has a great post about this insight here. […]

  2. Love the bit about the quietness of being a scrambled egg. There certainly isn’t much quiet when trying to feed children, is there?

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