Grown Woman Wears Mix Matched Shoes

It was quite a surprise to me yesterday when I realized I had worn two different shoes out for errands.  I was tired for sure and a little bit grumpy too but REALLY?

I really neglected myself in the first 8-9 years of having this brood. Only over the past two years has self-care and feeling/looking good came back into my life. Slowly emerging from the diapers, breast milk, and baby wearing has been an adventure of sorts – maybe like travelling. While I do not recommend this self neglect and martyrdom I do not have regrets. This was on my mind a lot in those early years a sense that I did not want to regret this and hurry this time along. Besides finding my tribe took a while and family was not in town so really we did not have much choice and we did survive. All the same even though I looked rather bed ragged I always wore matching shoes.

Now the silly thing (besides all of it being silly) is that I did not notice putting on two different shoes, nor did I notice them at the bank, nor the nice lady’s house who sold me bookshelves. I did not notice back home again while I mopped vigorously groaning, complaining and extra fatigued. And I did not even notice when I took them off and left them on the floor in front of the couch. It was only when I went to sit down with a glass of water (should have been wine) that I noticed one black runner and one white runner equally unlaced on the floor in front of the couch where I left them moments earlier. I stared in disbelief and thought “no”. I asked the boys “did anybody notice I was wearing 2 different shoes”. Sam said “I did, I was sort of wondering”.

Still unsure that this could be possible I looked on the shoe shelf and noticed that for sure the other two matches were neatly in place but not undone like somebody had just taken them off. I even put the unmatched undone pair back on to see if they felt different. They did not!

So there I went all undone and out of control. I was wearing my funky bright flowered pants and a white t-shirt. I must have looked brilliantly weird and wacko with one black runner and one white.

My sweetie has been putting in long days to meet a deadline and he has also been working weekends. I had been trying to get as much snowboarding in as possible before the school kids got out and took over the mountain. So now it must be time to slow down again and remember to glance in the mirror before I head out the door.

You know I do not recall anybody giving me funny looks – perhaps we are all that over the top busy!


~ by Nicole on March 28, 2012.

3 Responses to “Grown Woman Wears Mix Matched Shoes”

  1. I have worn two different shoes on multiple occasions. In my defense they were both black. One time I realized by the fact that I felt a bit off balance due to differing heights. Crazy!

  2. Hey Cindy love your comments and appreciation. We really did not get to know each other nor did I really get to know anybody then. Simply too busy running after the boys and keeping everybody safe. So I approved the comment and then I went back and unapproved it because I have some young readers – my neices and the choice of word though I totally get it might be too much for them. And I do not think i can edit your comment?? !! Or can I? Do you have a blog going?

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