Almost As Funny As Farting – OH BOYS

We went to Ikea today and this was the altered family parking sign. The boys thought this was simply delightful. Sam’s specific comment was “whoever wrote this is the kind of boy I could really hang out with.”.

So I do not agree with graffiti and I am not encouraging it but I had to allow them to enjoy the humour. On the way out somebody had taken one of the Ikea pencils and thought he could fill in the male parts on the “sly” but I was way to quick for that. Then I gave the mini lecture on vandalism.

I am not sure I would have found this so funny – not ever even when I was younger. It’s like boys and farting – funnier to boys than girls.


~ by Nicole on March 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Almost As Funny As Farting – OH BOYS”

  1. tee hee. Just gotta say I have the fartiest girl that loves farts more than her big brother. But probably does like them so much because she does have a big brother. My Uncle was a Dr. and used to always say it wasn’t healthy to hold ’em in. My Aunt and I exchange fart cards for all occasions. Do you realize how many fart cards are out there? Take a gander through Hallmark one day. There are lots! I celebrate the fart! 😀 So, wanna have a fart party some time? 😉

    • Well I’d probably WIN cuz I ‘ve been eating a lot of beans – since low carb eating. I am sure the boys would really like to see that happen AND girl. I do remember giggling with girls farting at sleepovers and such but not the way my boys do nor for how long they can find it funny. The girl giggles I remember were moreso in embarrasment – especially at school. Boy farts in school – “HERO”. Girl farts in school – “Embarrasing”. Or maybe it was just me because I had not brother influence. Fart cards eh? Will have ot check them out. Maybe you should scan and paste all of your fart cards over the years and make a farting blog! 🙂

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