Boiled Eggs & Building Patience

Gather together four kids or two will also do. Set them down and let them bicker – the more kids you have the higher likelihood they will find conflict quite easily. While they are bickering try to peel boiled eggs. Do it quickly because the sooner they are eating the sooner all will be well again. Once you have the first four eggs down – hurry again because they will eat more than one. In my house it’s a minimum of eight. I highly recommend making your toast first. If you were smarter than me you would make them peel their own but you know how that goes. Sometimes it is easier to do it yourself.

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If you do not have kids and want to build your patience muscles get a recording of a baby crying. One baby crying is more rattling than four fighting (maybe) and they do sell these recordings. Or perhaps I can record my little angels in a full-out war – hey, perhaps I can make some money off this. I certainly have enough material for it. Next boil 8 to 12 eggs – rinse them with cold water so you do not get burnt and start peeling as fast as you can. Make sure to hit play on the torture sounds and make sure you are really very hungry yourself. The result will be very strong patience muscles if not then you will totally snap. Have an escape plan should you get close to that tipping edge. This is another skill you will gain – learning where that tipping point is.

The skills you learn from parenting will take you far in life. Fret not if you left the career behind as I am confident that you will have some amazing things to offer once you get back to your independence again. Make sure to take care of yourself in the meantime.


~ by Nicole on April 11, 2012.

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