Watching Wii – Paying Attention

I am not really good at relaxing. I am not excellent at listening and tending to. My strength as a mother seems to be getting things on the go to do. I am good for fun and excitement but need to work on slowing down and paying attention.

Today is a snowy, blowy, and not in a good way sort of day but it is timely because we really needed a down day. Last week we went to the zoo and went snowboarding. In particular Friday was very exciting and busy as we went snowboarding in the morning and had a sitter in for the evening. We all got to bed quite late.

In our slowed down home day the boys started out this morning playing Wii. I was tired more so than usual and so I sat on the couch with my coffee and played commentator. They were playing a snowboarding game and so I simply chattered away ” big air”, “cool jump”, “wow good run, you did it”. As I cheered the pride swelled and the usual bickering over turns ceased. The modelling of cheering was contagious and the energy of the room shifted. One of my twins curled up under my arm and we chatted about the little things.

I was reminded that it’s the little things that warm a child’s heart. Paying attention and noticing – no matter what it is you are noticing. This is what fills little boys hearts.


~ by Nicole on April 14, 2012.

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