Simply and Naturally – Borrowed Time & Butt Sliding

What a beauty day it was on Monday – sunny and warm with every feeling that summer brings. Just like in the thick of summer the house was messy and disheveled but for the sake of sunshine we ignored it all!

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The boys and I took the bikes to a park at the South end of the city. I rode my roller blades while the boys rode their bike. We weaved in and out of trails and up and down mini hills – nothing serious just fun and fresh air.

We found ourselves at a dead-end on one of the side trails we took but it was timely. The boys threw the bikes down while I crawled out of my roller blades and into my sneakers. It was a great little spot along a creek and we all marveled at the mini glacier/iceberg melting in to the water. It was a hot, hot day – dry and yellow/orange prairie but right in the middle of it all was some winter hanging on. Lovely!

The boys threw rocks, climbed and slid down the slopes (we call this “butt” sliding) and eventually took shoes off to head across to their own private little island. I love watching them – they amaze me with their love for everything simple and everything natural.

Just before we left a group of four teen boys pulled up on bikes – my future flashed before my eyes. The dares were on and so was all the “bravo” talk. Before we knew it one of the boys was showing off and climbing the ice while his buddies filmed it. We watched and waiting for the inevitable. The boy slipped and slid straight down and splashed into the water. The water was deep enough – the current slow enough and he was okay – rather a celebrity in the ranks of his friends. I did not wonder for long if my boys would do stupid stuff like that. I think they probably will. Its okay – they will survive. I can say this now!

We rode back peacefully and I am so grateful for this time I have to borrow them. Eventually they will be gone and I will be longing for the times like this.

Oh did I just say that? No really, two rode back relatively peacefully and the other two complained and moaned about the heat. I had to stay back and round-up the rear coaching one of my twins. When I was quite near the end of the trail the other one little cute freckled boy was lying on the ground claiming to be dying. I offered to carry helmets so the two “pokey puppies” could cool off for the last 10 meters to the van. But all is well the ends well and I never count on a perfect outing and I know that last paragraph – line two is true. Eventually they will be gone and I will be longing for the times like this.


~ by Nicole on April 25, 2012.

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