Home Made Hex Bug Track

They never get bored for long. Just when I think I am a failure as a mother because I do not have them occupied enough – they find something to do.

Today inspired by his own desire for something interesting my eldest built his own Hex bug track out of cardboard. I feel pretty good about this especially since we are recycling – which is better than the original purchase of plastic moulded crud – made somewhere not very nice.

Check out the homemade version 1, the store-bought one, and then the final upgraded version:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He recently watched the video on Cain’s Arcade and then later caught a clip about him on Daily Planet and though I could see him coming up with this on his own – that sweet Cain was an inspiration for his next build which is a pinball machine out of cardboard. I will post it up when he gets done.


~ by Nicole on May 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Home Made Hex Bug Track”

  1. Wow! Impressive. An engineer/architect in the making I think!

    • Yep I am pretty proud if him. Glad to get the compliment – I passed it on to him and he was thrilled! Thanks 🙂

  2. how neat! my oldest loves to play with cardboard boxes for artsy type stuff 🙂

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