Little “Dick” – Big “Dick”

We were reminiscing over old photos the other day and found a “nude”.

So my one son says to the other, “Look at your little “dick”! Your “dick” is the same size as it is now! It is sooo small.”

That one son stands up and prepares to pull his pants down while shouting in his own defense, “No my “dick” is huge!! Look at my “dick”!”

To which one tired momma implores, “Please put your “dick” away!”

I never realized how funny it was untill my husband said, “Now that is Blog worthy!”

And now I am laughing out loud as I write. Sorry no pics on this one and definitely no birth order nor names.

Remember 4 boys under 10 – how big can anybody’s “wanker” be at this age anyways!!!

If you are offended by the word I do apologize – if you follow the comments I toiled on this for a while and changed the wording several times but the story just needed the authentic words out of mouths of babes.


~ by Nicole on May 5, 2012.

16 Responses to “Little “Dick” – Big “Dick””

  1. LOL… least they will all be prepared for locker room banter!

    • Yep……..though it occured to me that it may be inappropriate to use that word on WordPress. Do you know? I think I might change the word. I noticed on FB my post is not going up in news feeds so it got me wondering about censorship and language. I do not know much in this regard……I think I will just change it up a little so as to not offend.

      • Oh, I’ve read much worse on WP…lol…they don’t seem to censor at all. I think they leave that decision up to the individual bloggers.

        But there are so many nicknames for that part of the anatomy, you’ll have no trouble coming up with something new if you decide to make changes 🙂

      • Good to know……thanks.

      • lol…now I’m reading that as “dork”….

      • Ha ha! Thought of just “Thing” in the title too. But really it was in part the choice of words that made it funny in the first place. Innocently chosen reference to a human body part. Ah…………gues I am not writing my masterpiece just yet!

      • lol….well I’m pretty sensitive to “foul language” and it didn’t bother me….but then, I’m a guy…lol

        Maybe “dong” ?

      • I do like dong better than thing but somehow dick really did tell the tale best as words out the mouth of babes! Hmmmm

      • I think you just answered your own question. In terms of writing and storytelling, certain words work better than others. They might be synonyms… but not really.

      • Thank you both for the banter and feedback! I am just keeping with the original story!

  2. Hey, N., I got the original uncensored title in my WP feed. And the first time I saw it in my Facebook newsfeed, it was the original title as well. So probably just a glitch?

  3. Boys are a whole different breed. They are born already in love with their little thingy.

    • They really are – and for me that moment was so telling of that precise observation. My sister and I never had conversations like that. Even when we started to develop – nothing. Can not wait for them getting older!!!

      • Mine are 18 and 15. I also have a 20-year old daughter. Erik, the oldest boy, is Down’s and has no shame. Paul is quite modest. There is always something interesting with every age and stage. This is how different men and women are. When I saw your title, I assumed it was about two males of different ages, both named Dick. LOL!

      • So funny!!!! “two males of different ages named Dick”. Nice to meet you and your family. I had a quick peak at your blog and will take a little more time really soon!! One of mine is a Paul too.

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