Train Plans Growing

I recently wrote about the plans my oldest son has for getting into electric trains – he wants a starter set for his birthday. Check that out here in my post named Dreaming of Trains which I have tried to link to but links never show up on my actual post (even though it shows up in my draft – need to research this). Actually the link is here but you can not see it!


In the mean time plans have grown and my boy has been very thorough in planning and preparing for the big day. He has done more independent research and the most independent writing and math on researching for this project. This is yet another example of writing and researching for purpose rather than for a generic assignment from school.

I will not be able to deny him when his birthday comes – as this has been his wish and dreams since he started planning in January. Check out the planning:

Big sigh…….what next? It is not that I am not proud – just we have so many TOYS and I know how this one is going to continue to cost. That I suppose will be a good learning lesson for him as well – budgeting his money, searching for deals and spending wisely.


~ by Nicole on May 6, 2012.

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