Mini Ponds

For a couple of years I worked seasonally at the garden center I had worked at before I had children. The first year back in I had a lot of refreshing to do and one of the subjects I studied was pond building. I had the books out and also watched a couple of videos – over and over again.

Those amazing little buggers must have been paying attention to the videos as this year when they started to make a “rock museum” in the front yard they extended this effort to build mini ponds with waterfalls. They used Saran Wrap and later (as an upgrade) black plastic to line the ponds. They built up a hill for the stream effect and they talked about creating the siphon effect because they did not have a pump. They knew this would not work and to be honest I was tempted to build a “for real” pond just to reward them for their ingenuity and efforts.

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I will never get tired of saying this – give them the freedom and let them go. They will amaze you with the self-directed hands on learning. Them building these mini ponds put the entire book learning I had done to shame. From watching them I understood the needs and concept of building a pond 90% better than I had with years of selling the products.



~ by Nicole on May 7, 2012.

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  1. That’s pretty awesome.

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