Gerdy is Dead – We Love Our Children More Than Our Yard

Okay Gerdy is not really dead – she is in a nursing home and bless her soul she was an amazing gardener. We inherited Gerdy’s yard after she had neglected it for a couple of years and then the next owners also neglected it for another couple of years. It’s a huge, crazy yard and not anything that a young family, nor a “double income – no kids” couple, nor a senior preparing for the home can handle.

In short we have 30ft x 30ft of soil housing three fruit bearing trees that have created shade where sun is needed to support the existing shrubs and perennials. Needless to say we have overgrown and straggly perennials and shrubs – a mess of leaves and rotten fruit in the Fall and not a whole lot of time to tackle the situation. This is the main bed taking up 70% of the yard but we have side beds everywhere which means more soil which means masses of overgrown weeds! Apparently – in its day it was an award-winning garden.

I want to put a sign at the front and the back yard for the nosy, judgmental neighbors (only a handful) that are “so disappointed that Gerdy’s yard has gone to the birds”. The sign would say “Gerdy is DEAD and we are doing the best we can. Our children are more important than this yard”. I am sorry Gerdy and I am sorry Gerdy’s neighbors but this is simply not realistic – nobody has yards like this anymore!

The good news is I truly love gardening and at first I had the plan to plant all of our food – a dream come true. When we started to dig we found railway ties everywhere and buried deep. So untill we have the soil tested that plan is foiled. Still I have all of this soil and so I have been busy planting seeds with the little ones. I am going to give each of them a little plot and they can each have their own flower garden. We started our seeds and have planted mostly quick germinating flowers. I love the experience of showing them how this is done – growing plants from seed!

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I will get my veggie garden too as fortunately in the front I have some “clean beds” and a sunny exposure. I will get my food in front. I have already planted carrots up the side of the sidewalk with some flowers mixed in and spinach under the tree along with some radishes. Once it warms up enough I am going to plant some tomatoes in the bed against the house. Peas here and there mostly for the joy of snacking.

Oh and for the sake of the nosy neighbors I am growing Canary Bird vine from seed to put along the chain link fence in the back. It will be a mess in the winter but maybe I will keep the dead stuff up to give us some privacy. For those of you who do not know Canary Bird Vine is one of the fastest growing annual vines but that would be different if you were in a warmer climate (in that case you might have more options). We are a Zone 3 – super low temperatures.


~ by Nicole on May 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “Gerdy is Dead – We Love Our Children More Than Our Yard”

  1. Loved sitting on your sunny front steps yesterday, drinking tea..Love vegetables planted in the front yard. Loved your muddy kids rampaging in the back yard.

  2. Another sign might read WE ARE GROWING BOYS – NOT GARDENS!

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