Butterflies and Disco Lights – We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

We had a very interesting day yesterday. First thing after breakfast – we headed off to the Zoo. We had recently purchased zoo passes after 6 years off and so it is new and fun. Our main intention was to look at the butterflies and butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. We did get to see amazing butterflies and some funky chrysalis but we did not get to actually see them emerge. I think we needed more time and more patience and much less boy/child energy for waiting on that – otherwise we would need some really good luck with timing.

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It was interesting to be at the zoo and to see how far we’ve come. The last time we went before giving up passes 6 years ago – I was hot and sweaty with my double stroller (two babies in), a grumpy toddler and a five-year old. Wow that was hard and as I watched woman struggle with strollers and toddlers I felt grateful to be beyond that. Love my babies but I am a much better big boy mom!

We left the zoo after the butterfly house, a quick visit to the monkey house and a stop at the playground. We made a quick pit stop at home for lunch and then went to a Roller rink. That’s right baby – a roller rink! Bright lights, disco balls, the funky and fun music from a number of eras and 85 some homeschooled kids. The boys were delighted and strapped into the roller blades – round and round they went for two hours. I got into mine and did some laps but also took in some long over due mom chatting time. It was fun to see new faces and old. It was fun to see how very many people in the homeschooling community I have never met.

We went home tired but stimulated – who do you think is the most tired? It’s never the kids but you knew that.

After I wrote this post last night my 6-year-old sayed “I’m tired………that was LIKE two days in one!” Oh good it is not just me because I am old!


~ by Nicole on May 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Butterflies and Disco Lights – We’ve Come A Long Way Baby”

  1. That’s awesome! Let me know if there’s ever another rollerskating homeschool day!

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