Busy Hands

I think more children would succeed in our school systems if they could have busy hands. While gardening the other day – one of my boys listened to all of the “teachings” about the process while building pyramids with little containers. He was not up for the actual planting but his twin was doing the “dirty” work and he was on stand by listening and fidgeting.

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It is always like this – they always move. It is so natural and we must honour it. Unfortunately with ratios like 30 to 1 – it would be too much in a classroom and so today I am grateful for the opportunity I have for homeschooling.


~ by Nicole on May 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Busy Hands”

  1. We had an amazing 5th grade teacher who recognized this and without asking for approval (which she might not have gotten), she marched those kids outside EVERY day before starting lessons to have a go around the track. It was brilliant. The fresh air did them so much good as well as movement. Being from Britain, she couldn’t understand the theory of no breaks. When the principal found out, he couldn’t change it because it was already a success!

    • Good teachers that get this are the best! In a perfect world all teachers would understand this and all schools would accept it. If I could take her approach a step further every child would have a certain number of gym pass that they could use to take breaks as needed. That would be pretty chaotic though………..I know

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