Sick Again – Buckets Are Better Than Bowls

Holy moly – we were sick again. Well this time it was short and it was everybody except my husband. It is amazing how good one gets at managing puke in the middle of the night. When this sort of thing happened years ago I would have been stumped but now ten years in I was at least mentally prepared.

One of the twins was at the tail end of sick and he threw up at about 8 pm for his last vomit after a couple of days of off and on nausea. His “other half” started the vomit process a couple of hours later and he was hit harder and with more intensity. At about 10pm he woke up – sat up straight and puked in the bowl I had already at the bed side. I learned a lesson – buckets are better than bowls as per the bowl he used splashed a bit and on to the bed. The sides were too sloped and not quite high enough. I swapped bowls for old ice cream buckets. He also was in a zombie state and crashed right down on the blankets fast asleep as quickly as he had woken up. I tried to stir him so that he would not puke in the bed again but he was out – and eventually stirred to puke again but in the bed. I took sheets off and set aside “pukey” blankets and the one “pukey” pillow all the while shuffling his body this way and that. His twin was up and grumbling but we made it work. Dear husband tried to support but really there was not much he could do.

So now fortunately we do the family bed (yes we are those crazy types) and so I was able to listen to the cues over the course of the night. My son now more aware and less sleepy was able to sit upright and puke into the ice cream bucket without sloshing over and we set into our very systematic process of dealing with vomit in the middle of the night. Extra sheets lined the bed and towels also got layered over everything. I remained half asleep at all times and ready to wake and support. When little ones get a full bucket of puke I offer a different bucket and clean out the “pukey” one so as to not induce more by the very smell. In this case – because I have been through worse (as in coming out both ends) I was happy with my system and I was happy with the fact that only one blanket and one pillow would require immediate laundering. Funny how perspectives changes over the years.

Unfortunately just as things were winding down in my room with the twins – right at about 3am my older boys got started. One started puking and was able to jump up out of bed and hit the floor with the stinky stuff. Husband leapt into action with the mop as I got up to support things at the toilet. Buckets and towels came out and I went for some sleep while my husband took over with the older boys. I do understand that is a story within itself and it was at about 6am that my oldest son was well on his way making that everybody sick. Again for the sake of gratitude I am pleased that the older boys were able to make it to buckets and or the toilet. Not to be selfish but really this is best for everyone because one can puke and then get right back into bed without the chill and waiting while beds are re made. And more sleep for mom and dad is always good!

By morning one twin was fine – the other twin was queasy and tired but rarely sick to his stomach. My two older boys were in rough shape for most of the day and though I was tired I thought I was going to get the chance to give back and be the best mom ever. So it was quite a shock after having been sick for most of the previous week to feel nauseous after my first sip of coffee. Oh my!

We spent the day on mattresses in the basement – one big massive bed in the living room and right in front of the TV so that my one healthy child could play Wii and we could all watch some TV in between sleeping. My husband came home to another messy house with nothing prepared for supper and we moved the mattresses upstairs so we could enjoy some of his company. He was feeling “off” and very tired but functional. We all went to bed early and next day was relatively normal.

So it had been a very long time since I had them all sick at once and was also sick. The thing about telling this story is that we all have these intense times and somehow we pull it off and nurture through. I think this is the most amazing thing about being a mother and it is always a huge part of the other side of motherhood. It’s not all pretty – now is it? I am so grateful for my health yet again and I am hoping for a bit longer stretch between healthy and sick this time.

So I’ve got lots of stories to tell and might find some time to get some blogging done soon but I also had some realizations about balance in my life so we will see how I can fit it in.

Happy belated Mothers Day to you all! I would love to hear your sick stories and strategies. Popsicle, Ginger ale, Soda Crackers and chicken broth seemed to help us a bit but it also left us with a very starving feeling in our stomaches. How does one get around that?


~ by Nicole on May 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sick Again – Buckets Are Better Than Bowls”

  1. Oh they are tough those days with sickness all round. Hope you are all feeling a bit better now.

    • We are all on the mend – I think it was Friday we had that really bad day and night. I am really taking it slow though……sort of. Thanks for the well wishes!

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