Boy Plus Boys Equals BOY – Torturing Little People

Most people who know me think of me as that woman with the all those boys but it has not always been that way. My mom has often joked that I was given four boys because I was always so boy crazy. I always thought I was a pretty darned cool tom boy and I also thought that I really understood boys. I was wrong but I do believe I now understand boys pretty well and I am still pretty darned boy crazy, my mom is probably right!

My first-born son was (and still is) a sweet, kind, reflective and very diverse little gentleman. He could play with girls and boys, and dolls and trucks alike. I could easily get down and play with him MY WAY – as in yes dinky cars but in a “girly” role playing sort of way, as in dinky cars are going camping.

When boy number two came along we were able to maintain this sort of neutral environment where my boys were boys but not crazy, energetic wild things. As my second born son got older things shifted a wee bit but not too much.

So when I had two more boys – the twins, and as they got older the boy thing ramped up ten fold. By the time my twins were 3 – 4 years old they were all peeing in bushes (and other unusual places), farting and laughing for it, playing with swords and guns and torturing “little people”. That is right – the “little people” play sets that were once a nice quiet imagination game became props in every imaginable torture scene. They were wrapped in duct tape and hung from trees or buried in deep holes. When my twins went to visit a potential Kindergarten program – the very one that I thought might most like the facility as he is my gentle boy told the teacher that he hated “little people”. He explained to her that he and his brothers liked to torture little people. Ha – what a proud mom moment that was!

My boys are definitely like a boy wolf pack of wildish, amazing, and fun energy. They are tender, loving and protective and when they are not fighting each other they are firmly at each others side as brothers forever. They love to connect, cuddle, and be warm with each other. They so love momma and grandma but no matter how feminine I be they love Pa Pa because they relate to him the most. He rocks and rolls and is the boy of their dreams – oh and he is ALL BOY at heart which I do not think has eased the imbalance.

I try to infuse my feminine energy and I try to make things lively, but calm and beautiful. They appreciate it a little in a subtle way but bottom line being in a mostly boy family is its own world as any other mother of all boys knows. I simply can not deny it and so I relax mostly and really enjoy my own “girly” ways. In fact I have absolutely become the most feminine yet as a result of this contrast.

I hope I have not offended anybody with my wording but for me gender differences are a REALITY that I simply can not deny AND I am such a strong woman so I use the terms with love. In a house of boys “girly” is awesome!


~ by Nicole on May 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Boy Plus Boys Equals BOY – Torturing Little People”

  1. Well said! Love the “Little People” torture teacher story! Hilarious!

    • Them boys eh? I noticed that the boys in the waiting room at Aikido do the same to the Rescue Heroes but without the tape and they are quieter about it!

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