Elephant Hugs – Unconditional Love

When I come and when I go little feet pound the floor as they come running for hugs and sweet messages of love.

I understand why they do this with papa because he is gone so much of the time. For me I am always a little bit surprised because I am home so much and so I can not imagine them missing me when I am gone. Even after a disastrous day where I was grumpy and yelling too much they still shower me with a love that I must never take for granted.

I call them elephant hugs because often it sounds like a thunderous herd of elephants coming toward me from every quadrant of the house as they catch word that I am indeed on my way out. The welcome home is similar and I am one lucky lady to be so loved by my children.

I wish for many things in life and I hope for many experiences but no matter how my world unfolds nothing will ever matter to me more than that I can bless and support my children with unconditional love.


~ by Nicole on May 19, 2012.

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  1. ❤ Beautiful

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