The Gift Of Humble – Expert Vs. Real

Be a gift of humble and truth to yourself and also to your parenting friends. Parenting books and experts serve a purpose especially if you had a seriously dysfunctional childhood and so do find some goodies but take what you find and tweak to suit your family and child. Do not take any advice as golden and for sure do not let parenting expert advice bring on bouts of depression.  This can happen when you are a new mom and all the experts sound so perfect.

Find as an accompaniment humble friends and or stories of defeated moments. Keep parenting real. Be humble and loving to yourself. It’s not all cute faces and perfect loving moments. You will be your child’s worst nightmare and your child will be your worst nightmare SOMETIMES.  So in summary I am not telling you to be doom and gloom all negative and real – ALL OF THE TIME.  What I am saying is reach for a more positive perspective but be kind to yourself when that is out of reach and days are long and hard – they sometimes will be.

I feel it is our unreal expectations of our child and of ourselves that bring on the biggest inner battles that also translate to the external struggles, battles, and power struggles. Be gentle and be careful not to compare yourself to those PERFECT moms. Not to say that you can not learn something from them because they often have a great gift but do not expect to emulate them AND trust that your gifts to your children are grande and beautiful though perhaps not as obvious.

Of course those are just my thoughts, only you know yourself and the best approach and attitude for yourself.  Parent on and love on always remembering that you can only love and accept your child as much as you love and accept yourself.


~ by Nicole on May 24, 2012.

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