Zoo Without Toddlers – Thriving When You Suck

I seem to be on a roll with these cheerleading but getting real posts of late.  I wrote this one yesterday along with another that I will post tomorrow.  Perhaps after that will come some simple stories.

My yesterday thoughts:

It’s a nice day to be out of the toddler & baby stage. It’s a nice day to have on a bra that is not a nursing bra. It’s a nice day to be out without a stroller, a diaper bag, a sling (just in case), and all that baby paraphernalia. It is a nice day to sit back on the bench at the zoo playground sun on face knowing that as long as none of mine children get hurt or break into fighting all will remain quiet and peaceful.

Funny how when you hit this stage you really can not even hear the whining of toddlers and the crying babies. I am insulated in my bubble of moving past that lovely but trying stage. I have been there done that and now I get to relax – sometimes.

It’s different when they get older and not without its challenges but somehow it suits me better. I remember people telling me that every parent is a better parent through different stages. This is true for me – I loved my cute things but I am better at managing the walker/talkers.

Whatever stage you are at remember you will shine where you shine AND your kids will thrive despite your best efforts – even when you suck.  As with my previous post it is the long run that counts!


~ by Nicole on May 24, 2012.

8 Responses to “Zoo Without Toddlers – Thriving When You Suck”

  1. I mostly love the little guys, and teens.

  2. Nice post Nicole. Being at the other end of the long run I can confidently say that each stage has it’s joy. But maybe the biggest challenge – even though there were times you longed for space – is when they move on and only dip back into the home now and then. That’s the one that really takes some getting used to!

    • I believe you! Every woman that has gone before me says that. This parenting journey is really something! Thanks for the reminder. I think with the four so close together I am going to feel this shift of having more space and calm with huge significance for this first while. But I imagine and I do catch glimpses of them separating and my missing the closeness – especially with my oldest who is now almost 11! Thanks for your comment!!!!

  3. My littlest one just turned eight, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss having a baby or toddler in the house. I’m enjoying these phases now (they range from 16-8), but I desperately miss having a little person in my life who fits perfectly between by lap and chin. I should have had just a few more kids!

    • Ha ha! See we all have our favourite stages. I do dream sometimes of having just one baby (at a time). I think if my third had been one instead of two it would have been a lovely experience and I do feel like I missed something that experienced moms enjoy when they have third babies. Mine are still cuddly even the 8 and 11 but its not quite the same. When I am a grandma I will definately be ready for those stages again! Thanks for stopping by……..you know you could still have another;)

      • Actually a couple of months ago I thought I was pregnant. False alarm. In any case, I was really warming up to the idea of one on one time with a baby. I had a couple of years of that with my first, but you don’t know to savor it with the first. After that I homeschooled, so I was never alone with any of them. I’d love another baby.

        Funny story, we are in our early 40’s and have friends who are grandparents. If our friend’s grandchildren continue their family trend of having babies in their late teens or early 20’s, our friends could be great grandparents before we got a 5th baby out of high school!

      • I have one friend who is also a Grandpa. I actually think it is pretty neat! Being pregnant would definately get those wanting a baby juices going……..or rather thinking you are. It would be a lot easier with your youngest being 8 and with your experience! Keep us posted!

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