“Try Stick” – We Do Need Men To Be Men


Stick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband was in the other room losing patience with one of my older boys.  He (boy) was tired and being completely irrational and dramatic.  My husband (man) did what he sometimes does and went into his own irrational state of teasing sort of and expressing impatience back.  Knowing well that my husband’s IPhone was close by I texted a little coaching.

Me:  try love (quick send so the phone would blip and get his attention)

Me:  like you would want (send)

Me: try soft (send)

Me: try care (send)

Me: trusting him instead of egging him on (send – some of this was about my boy complaining and my husband saying he was making things up – hence the trusting part.)

Me: he loves you (send)

So I  am fast at texting and so those notes fired off one after the other quickly and that was on purpose to make sure I had his attention which I did get.

His response: try stick

All I could do was laugh and in the pause everything fell into place.   Somehow all was quiet and resolved.  I am not sure how that happened but I know my husband did not “try stick” and though the love might not have been expressed in my way he has so much of it for them.  He is always the funny guy and he has a very soft living side but such a rough edge.  Funny though because it works and so I guess the world and families really need men to be men.

I have another story like this – I will find it and post it next.


~ by Nicole on May 31, 2012.

2 Responses to ““Try Stick” – We Do Need Men To Be Men”

  1. I think my favourite part about this post is the “My husband (man)” bit. 🙂

  2. […] one of my older posts “Try Stick – We Do Need Men To Be Men” – see it here https://fishtankmom.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/try-stick-we-do-need-men-to-be-men/ I made a promise of another similar story supporting the often gruff approach of men and […]

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