Shark Tooth – Model 2

My little creator made a Shark Tooth out of tape and something else that I have not quite unraveled.  I think it might be all tape.  He later molded and sculpted wax to make a replica that was indeed almost identical.  He was very persistent with the wax creation and was very innovative in how he warmed the wax without fire.  He actually took our bean bag (bag of beans we warm in the microwave for sore muscles or cold nights when we want to get cozy) warmed it up extra hot, lay the wax on until it was pliable and molded as required.  I love my little creators – though I think this boy could use a pottery class! 

Here are pictures Shark Tooth model one and then the new improved model 2!  I wonder what model 3 will entail?

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~ by Nicole on June 12, 2012.

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