Kreative Blogger – FUN!

I have received my first ever award since I started blogging in the Spring 2011 and so I am very appreciative of the recognition.  I was nominated for the The Kreativ Blogger Award by Laura Catherine whose blog is called “Up With Chickens” .  You can find her here  I was drawn to her blog because she has the same number of children as me, she has homeschooled and she lives my dream life.  Thank you Laura for sharing your life with us and thank you so much for the nomination.  I am just figuring this out but as I can tell these are the rules:

1. Thank my nominator and provide a link to their blog.

2. List seven things that readers might find interesting about me (below)

3. Nominate seven other bloggers (below)

Seven things about me:

1)      I am very spiritual but not religious.

2)      I love writing and love the blogging process.

3)      I am not married but live and love my life with the father of my four children.

4)      I have started another blog that starts as far back as my memory goes – it’s a journey through time for the sake of healing and loving myself.  It is called Prairie Girl On Fire.

5)      I am in love with all books by Julia Cameron who wrote “The Artists Way” – and I highly recommend her books.

6)      My house is generally messy and I have almost let go and found acceptance in that.

7)      I am a partner with my husband in a Renovation Contracting company and I started blogging for our business.  That blog is highly neglected as I have the most fun writing about life!

I nominate the following Blogs and for a variety of reasons – they are my favourites though I was surprised how hard it was to narrow to seven:

Nothing By The Book –

Vicki The Northern Chicky –

Emerald Pie –

JodiAmbroseBlog –

AllThingsBoys Blog –

Happiest Baby In The World –

400 Days Till 40 –


Check them all out and support these wonderful writers!


~ by Nicole on June 17, 2012.

7 Responses to “Kreative Blogger – FUN!”

  1. Oh thank you so much for nominating me! I’m honoured I made your shortlist. Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Thank you, dear friend. 🙂

  3. Your dream life? Really? Is it the chickens – because they are kind of dreamy. I enjoyed reading your seven things. It’s great to learn more about bloggers I enjoy. I want to check out the blogs you nominated too.

    p.s I love that you are accepting of your less than perfect house. I’m trying to find that balance too. Sometimes I thing I’m a little too accepting. Speaking of less than perfect, I wrote my CQC post with my husband breathing down my neck waiting to use the computer. I found time today to explain myself a bit more if you get a chance to check it out.

    • Yeah the chickens and the eggs and the bunnies! If you check out my Prairie Girl On Fire Blog you will understand. I came from a small town and farming community but we left when I was six. I have a fantasy about that lifestyle and we almost bought my grandparents farm when my grandpa passed but we are in the city! I have made a great life that way and do not know if I could go back now but sure wish I could grow some of my own food! We went to a wildlife center recently and they had those heat lamps on the baby geese. It took me back to that warmth and that smell from when my grandma had a chicken coop full of baby chicks! I love that you are so connected to your roots and I am amazed that you have a close connection with your parents (or was it inlaws). My family life is very georgraphically disconnected. It is fun to read peoples 7 things. I like that part too. As well I enjoy checking out what other people are reading! The housework thing is hard and I do get anxious some of the time but I find that when I am happy I worry less about it. I think I am average but some types might think I am filthy. Compare to the home I was brought up in I am filthy but we were 2 girls and very active outside of the house. We are 4 boys and always home. Big difference!

  4. Funny. I got chickens and bunnies as a part of my “Bloom Where You are Planted” plan. My husband grew up in a city and he loves small town life and living on a farm. I do too, but sometimes I long for some of the things bigger towns and cities have to offer – restaurants, movies, museums, Target : ) . And I get tired of driving 60 miles every time one of the kids needs new clothes. I used to fantasize about moving somewhere else, but I finally realized I’ve got it pretty good here, and I might as well make the most of it. I know now I wouldn’t change things even if I could, but funny we both have a hankering for a different life sometimes. I guess that’s human nature.

    Yes, we live here with my parents. It’s wonderful. My mother helped me homeschool the children when they were younger. My kids are much more well-read thanks to the hours she spend reading to them. Plus with our crazy busy schedules, we’d never see my parents if they weren’t our neighbors.

    • It is funny – I too have recently found peace with where we are at. We did live in a rural community but we rented and the community was very tight nit. It actually makes me think twice whenever we do dream. The drive though………yes I can see how that would get tiring. Still would be great to have chickens. We have a group in our city fighting to make it legal to have them but we now have a big dog!
      My kids only see Grandmas and grandpas on my side once a year. On my dh side about 4 times a year. Definately be grateful for your family so close.
      The real message is be grateful for life no matter what it looks like – always somebody with more or less and teh grass is not greener on the other side.

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