Robotics Fun

For his 11th birthday my son was gifted a Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robotics Kit.  I was sceptical and concerned for many reasons but in particular I was concerned that it would be beyond his ability to build and program without my assistance.  I was equally concerned that I would not be able to support him as per my own abilities – I am not entirely techy nor am I a builder.  I had several friends give this gift to their child prematurely and I knew my son was probably the “right” age and could figure it out but was very expensive toy for potentially sitting on the shelf.

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A couple of days before I made the final decision to request to grandpa and grandma this item I was at a friend’s house and we noticed a flying robot out in the alley.  I was briefly introduced to the inventor and got into a conversation with him about Lego and then Lego robotics.  His feedback was excellent and he suggested that his very successful career as an inventor could be credited to Lego.  He went on to praise the robotics kit and suggested that it could be used at the most basic level and then taken as far as the imagination could go.  After weeks of mulling it over I was sold.

I am happy to say the toy is a complete success.  The evening of his birthday after his friends left – he built the first robot without any assistance.  The next morning we programmed as per the instructions and so far it has been game on.  He has programmed on his own in a playful relaxed way as he is not expecting perfection – he is simply young, curious, and not afraid to try.  I would also say this is beyond a toy and an excellent educational resource – in fact it was hard to get it on time as per the schools were buying them up for classrooms next year.

Have you had any success with this kit?  Do you have a science loving boy who needs a challenge?  This is a great gift for you and/or resource for your home.


~ by Nicole on June 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Robotics Fun”

  1. Thats something I would have loved as a child. I think I might suggest to my DH that he buys it for our daughters. (ahem!) So I can help them of course!! 😀

    • Ha ha! My husband always buys stuff for the boys!! Like rockets, and rc cars – not for him at ALL but the boys! I think you should definately get that for the girls – not you;) It has been pretty cool to watch!

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