Some Days

Some days are just hard.  As I put that down on the page I remember my mantra – it is never really the day that is hard but rather moments.  Today I had a number of moments with much difficulty turning it around.  

I know why the lack of patience on my end.  It has been an entire week since I took my time out for reading, writing and wandering.  It affects me so much in regards to my role as mom and I wonder how I did it all those years when I never gave my self any time EVER. 

Tonight I will send my husband a bitty text message expressing that absolutely under no circumstances can I go that long without time off.  In the role of motherhood we get so immersed and can not see the forest for the trees – especially if we lean towards an attachment style of parenting and also home school our children.  I am grateful that my husband does understand this and I encourage you moms to find that space and time for yourself – your kids deserve it as do you!

Be well momma – be well!  Dads too!


~ by Nicole on June 19, 2012.

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