Artist In House

My middle child has an eye and talent for all sorts of creating and so I finally put him into a carefully selected art class. He has been in art classes before but they were always project based which seriously stifled his creative exploration. We found a studio that would give him the tools and instruction to create based on whichever idea he came up with. They had clippings from magazines for him to thumb through in case he needed some inspiration and he chose this bunny.

I left him for two hours and when I came back he had this much done – apparently he will be putting more time into it next week. I was completely blown away and asked when he was out of ear shot if she had drawn the shapes to which she responded indeed not. She explained how she teaches them to make marks and to gauge how much room should take up all the different parts of the piece in the creation. She called this marking and it obviously works. As her little artists are working on whichever has inspired them she walks around giving the next direction and steps – starting with the base and working in the details. I am so happy and excited that I have found this class for my son. As per my previous post it feels really good to see his talents emerge and it is amazing to watch him take pride in his individual choice of focus at this time – art.

One week later my son went back to complete this piece and the added texture makes a difference.  It is even better now.


~ by Nicole on June 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Artist In House”

  1. That is really lovely. I need a piece like that to hang up here at my little rabbit farm. Let me know when he has his first auction!

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