Throw The Bird On The Road

My sweetest little thing said the most non sweet thing the other day at the local Wildlife Center.  We were on an educational trip that was followed by a tour of the center.  The presenter asked the children what they should do if they found an injured bird and many kids raised their hands eager to answer.  My sweet little boy got chosen and said “Throw it in the road!”  His little fan club which included his brothers and two other friends laughed with excitement while I gave  him a little swat on the back and disapproving mommy look.

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This silliness from a boy who only two days earlier carried a little bird around for half an hour and spent the rest of the day watching to make sure it was safe from our cats.  I later found myself showing one of the educators a picture of him with the bird in his hands but my good friend pointed out I was showing the wrong lady.

Big sigh………boys eh?


~ by Nicole on June 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Throw The Bird On The Road”

  1. So funny! The things my kids come up with sometimes just splits my sides. We have a baby bunny living with us right now and whenever we bring the topic of letting it back into the wild the kids cry. Much to my dismay, those same kids couldn’t take their eyes off the dogs eating its four siblings.

  2. Oh they always let us down at the most public of moments!!

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