Dramatics – The Blogging Path and Family Life

I have always been sort of dramatic – I make big decisions in a big way when they are not really necessary.  Tonight I was heading out for my evening of writing and doing stuff and I declared to my husband that I was giving up the blog for the summer.  I had really decided to do this – in fact today I prepared the draft announcing this big thing.  My husband who knows me well said “Why the dramatics, why the announcement, why the decision? Just do not write for a week or two.”

Oh how simple is that but does this not sound more exciting and intriguing?

Summer Send Off

I have a couple of great stories in my drafts but nothing that really excites me.  I am more so excited about summer and all that outdoors will bring to my physical and emotional well-being.  The warm weather has brought out the best of my husbands spirits as he gets himself out to explore the rivers ,creeks, and streams.  As I have mentioned before both him and I got sort of lost in parenthood and forgot to take care of ourselves.  He is two steps behind me and so I must encourage him and cheer him on in rediscovering who he is outside of our family life. Between his “Me” time and my interest in focusing on my physical health and training my big goofy dog I am finding my writing to be forced and I am not enjoying it as much .  So for that reason I am taking the summer slow.  I am only going to write publicly when I am moved, enthused and deeply inspired which does happen but then only if I feel the need to write it down.  I have high hopes for getting off the screen and loving life. See you all soon enough and enjoy your summer writing or not!

Oh dramatic me.  I guess you can say I sort of feel that way as mentioned in the italics above – a little forced and a little bit at a loss for where I am going with my blog.  I also feel that it puts me on screen more than I want especially in the summer.  With my husband now taking his time the entire time/balance thing feels sort of tipped and out of control.  It is hard to fit all of the needs and wants into the busy family schedule.

So I guess some of all that and some of nothing really in particular has sparked an angst and uncertainty.  I guess this is why blogging is really such a great avenue as I am not really under any obligation which is pretty cool.  Maybe I will write a post a day but more realistically a post a week and if you do not hear from me you know I will be back in the Fall.  Or I will go to Yoga tonight and feel completely restored and ready to pump them out again.

What has been your path in blogging?  Have you waxed and waned in your energy for posting and reading?  Do you feel guilty when you can not find the time to give back to the blogging community?  Have you taken a break?  Do you have a set amount you expect of yourself every week?  I am curious and I am sure the answers will vary tremendously.

Please share.


~ by Nicole on June 26, 2012.

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