A Dollar A Day

I have a natural salesman in my house – he is always pitching something and it usually has to do with candy and or toys.  Today he was pitching an idea that would enable him to make some extra money.  The proposition was that he takes care of one of the twins everyday for 100 days.  He will feed him lunch, take him to the playground and generally look out for him.  Well my salesman is my 9-year-old and so though I am sure he will be helpful he is not of babysitting age and what he is offering – less the lunch part I sort of hope for and expect anyways.  At the same time these two have somewhat of a riff going between them – a sort of rivalry and ongoing battle of wills.  Perhaps at a dollar a day he will create a new bond and develop a new habit – but it feels like bribing.  I told him I would think about it.

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So the pitch goes on and on and sounds like this:

“Mom – a dollar a day!  Think about it!  That’s such a good deal – you know most babysitter charge $10.00 an hour and I am offering a dollar a day!”

“Have you thought about it mom – a dollar a day that’s $100. in 100 days.  Mom that is such a good deal.  And my brother agrees – I will make him lunch and take him to the playground”

“Mom – have you thought about that deal?”

Natural salesman I tell you – he speaks with enthusiasm and he is so convincing.  It is exhausting though…. but I am going to think about it.  I am just waiting for him to pull the brother bonding card.  I can hear it now, “Mom I think it would be really good bonding for me and my brother.  Huh mom, huh – it is such a good deal?”


~ by Nicole on June 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “A Dollar A Day”

  1. haha, very cute – and convincing! Sounds like a good deal to me! Our sitter chargers 15$ an hour… 1$ a day is a steal!

    • You get what you pay for though…….right?!! It would be interesting to see how it goes though. Will let you all know.

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