Bubble Gum – Crazies

Well I was getting ready to write about cuteness, wonderness and all beautiful lovely stuff but instead I am going to write about crazies and bubble gum.  All in all I like to look like I have it all together – in a casual sort of together way.  I pull this off most of the time some times I even look wise and wonderful like a goddess type of woman the rest of the time I am mostly accepting of looking pretty much out of control.  I call that look the “crazies”.


Bubblegum (Photo credit: Miala)


I left the house about an hour ago fairly intact with some ideas for writing and plans for Yoga after.  I arrived at my writing destination and went to order my coffee only to scramble around in my crazy lady purse in search of my debit card.  I had it only half hour earlier but it was not cooperating – it was hiding and I was not sure if I had slid it into my purse in a hurry or if I had put it in my wallet.  Dig, dig in my purse – okay sift through the wallet….. aaagh receipt, card, receipt, receipt, card and as usual in no particular order – not that I have not organized it a million times just always ends up in this state.  Okay so I gave up and passed the lady my credit card which is often maxed and it was.  In one last effort to find my debit card I had success.  Okay – not so well put together but hey its all good – nobody was in line and I was ready for some mean ass writing about all things wonderful.

So I went to my usual spot and pulled my lap top out of my bag and noticed a string of gum.  In a quick scan I realized I had a situation on my hands or shall I say all over my lap top cord.  One big wad of bubble gum was stuck under the velcro cord organizer thing (you know it loops around permanently at one end and then has velcro strap to wrap around excessive cord).  Sticky strands of purple bubble gum stretched all the way along the cord and well simply everywhere.  So I casually and subtly got to the job of cleaning up bubble gum with napkins.  Classy lady at the table is pulling at strings of bubble gum in desperate effort to free her lap top so she can get on with writing about her wonderful children that she wants to kill.  The more I pulled the more all over the gum went.  I did the best I could and in the end I left the majority of gum under the strap – just sort of squished it together for dealing with later.  I think I might put the cord in the freezer and deal with it that way.  Now I understand why we were not allowed to chew gum in school.  Oh yes and I might have to kill those beautiful little boys when I get home.

No……….yoga is in an hour and I will forget about the gum for now until I can deal with it later. I might even get to some drafts of  cuteness, wonderness and all beautiful lovely stuff.


~ by Nicole on June 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Bubble Gum – Crazies”

  1. So much for the resolve to not blog for the summer? 😛

    Once, Cinder put a wad of gum in my swim shorts… a fact that I discovered only *after* a colony of ants moved in and started carting it away one bite at a time…

    Don’t kill them. Just put some gum in their hair overnight…

    • Well….I did say if I was inspired and found time to write it down I would. Keeping the balance with yoga and the perspctive that I do not have to write helps!! I wrote a couple last night.
      Excellent idea on the gum. Poor you….gross!

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