Spiderman & Heaven

Okay so I have mentioned this a lot and those of you with three and four children are going to relate the most – it is heavenly to be alone with one child only.  I can count on one hand the number of times this has been possible and today was one of those lucky days.

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I headed out with one of my twins and my older boy.  I dropped the older boy off at his art class and spent two hours with my six-year-old.  We went to the dog off leash park and he got to choose when to stop, when to go and which direction to turn.  He was beaming and enjoyed this power and individual attention.  I also enjoyed tremendously listening to him and watching him beam as he made decisions and told me all of his thoughts.  We went to the playground and he performed not only for me but also for a young couple that were sitting on the swings.  He climbed the highest, he climbed the fastest and he jumped from the highest places he could safely jump from.  He basked in the glory of being the only one – the one and only.  Before we went to pick up his older brother we stopped for a coffee and a treat.  He ate one giant Nanaimo bar while I could hardly take my eyes off him.  I have to say that it is hard to see them when they are in the pack.  It is hard to know them and give them the love and time when they are all vying for my attention.

I must do this more often and I know for sure I will never forget these days.  All my hard work and all of the frustration is worth it in these moments of connection.


~ by Nicole on July 5, 2012.

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  1. sweet ❤

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