Starting Out Homeschooling In Calgary

Of late I have been connecting with a variety of people exploring homeschooling as an option for the first time in Calgary.  This is going to be short and sweet for now because I am short on time but I wanted to get something down.  Below are a variety of links worth exploring.  I particularly highly recommend the yahoo Calgary homeschooling site for lurking and/or asking questions.  Here are some links to start with in two categories – one for discussions and networking and one for school boards.

School Boards

This is just a start – really, I have probably missed some.  If you are looking for a board that has no religious affiliation – the three main ones are CBE (link 1), Home Learning Connections, and Phoenix though I have found all boards have the reputation for being welcoming.

Networking  – Lurking or Asking Questions

Remember this homeschooling is a journey.  You will not find the right style nor the right board at the start.  Keep it simple – find a suitable board and get at it.


~ by Nicole on August 30, 2012.

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