Building On!

Inspired by a recent trip to the arcade and also brought back to reality when I told him we are not buying a pinball machine my son set out to make his own.  He actually has made one a different time but this time he used different materials and I am not sure if he will ever complete it but it sure looks good.

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Not sure what is in the plans for building next but I know it will come.  He was talking about a hover craft to make out of a leaf blower.  After he started to formulate this idea he found an example on You Tube – perhaps that’s next!


~ by Nicole on October 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “Building On!”

  1. so cool! How come our boys never talk about building stuff when they get together? They could have so much fun!

    • Cuz they are at the beach is my gues! You must get over here with yours for a playdate. Mine oldest are not in the classes anymore so we are around those days…..

  2. He’s stupendously talented, your son. 🙂

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