Brother Power

The boys plotted and schemed for quite some time on how they could move these logs into the water and create islands.  Together they put mind and strength and indeed made it happen.  As they pushed and shoved they shouted “brother power” which you know warmed my heart!

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These boys are so amazing in every way but I would be lying if I said it was easy.  Many of us know what boys are like and most of those same people know what they are like when it is a larger group, a pack, a gang of BOYS.  Well seriously now take that boy attitude and multiply it x 1000 and you will glimpse my life with four brothers who daily tap into “brother power”.  I would like it if “mother power” could also be multiplied by four though I am not sure that would be a match – we’d probably be so busy chatting and catching up they would simply walk all over us.

Ah heck – I love them anyways and wouldn’t trade my life for any other.  Especially when they work together, outside, in nature and open air where I can not hear the arguments in between the success.

My school spin on this is plain and simple teamwork – setting a goal, working together and achieving success.  Very important!


~ by Nicole on October 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Brother Power”

  1. I don’t just like this, I love it. It’s an image to hold on to–them yelling “Brother Power!” joyfully–to see you through those moments when they’re yelling “Mom! X said he hates me!” hey? xoxoxo

    • Definately! Its what keep me sane and they actually have lots of these moments but yes “brother power” sums it up beautifully! And certianly something to tell myself during the “other full of hate my brother moments” – which also happen frequently!! LOL

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