And They Find Each Other – DEAD Crow

They always seem to find each other – the boys.  We were at a playground in an outside of the city neighborhood and the local boys were eyeing mine.  They seemed to be scoping them out and I watched them engage in what looked like a discussion of how, and also if they should make an approach.  After a chat they got busy playing otherwise in the playground untill they noticed mine boys off and up the hill exploring a culvert.  Like flies to shit  – okay that’s not nice (but way more boy friendly) okay, rather like bees to honey they went to my boys on the hill and explored untill they found a dead crow in the tall grass.  They poked and prodded and each ventured to his own style how to be really gross and explore this dead bird.  I marvelled at them and how they were equally fascinated and now naturally bonded as a result of their discovery.  Nothing like a dead bird to initiate new friendships.  You will see in the pictures the lovely little playground that they did not bother to play at for very long.

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Hmm I guess I did not get an actual shot of the dead crow but I think the moment of discovery is pretty clear.


~ by Nicole on October 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “And They Find Each Other – DEAD Crow”

  1. Fascinating to learn what brought these two tribes together, a dead crow! I’m sure they would have engaged with each other despite the bird carcass. Little human beings are just curious in that way. Nice photos by the way.

    • For sure! I think the culvert was the initial draw. The other kids were unsupervised and I suspect they were not supposed to go over that way but could not resist temptation. They were looking back with uncertainty like they were pushing boundaries……..but indeed the curiousity was brewing before the crow and the culvert and the boundary breaking. Thanks – I love my iphone for capturing moments that I can write about later. Sometimes if I am really inspired I write straight in my notes on my phone too. Have a good day!

  2. My children would be as fascinated with a dead animal. In fact, they often go searching for one…

    • Mine tend to have mixed feelings and not sure they would go looking BUT the intrigue is pretty huge upon discovery. They once chased the huge population of gophers around a parking lot and one fell into a deep hole. The puzzled about how to get it out and were very upset that it was going to probably die.

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