Lost In The Barrens – Glimpse of Truth

My husband read the novel by Farley Mowatt – Lost In The Barrens to my boys a couple of years ago.  I missed it but I caught the general idea and listened to them all chat about it often.  Recently I found the movie at the library and picked it up for all four boys.  We have since watched it twice and one of my favourite things about it is how it tells just enough truth about the history of our First Nations (Cree in particular) without getting very heavy and intense.  It is short and sweet and straight to the point with regards to Residential Schools and how those schools tried to take away the culture and mistreated the children.  It also shows the coming together of a white/Western boy and a Cree boy how they discover that they

(animated stereo) Native American youths redux

(animated stereo) Native American youths redux (Photo credit: Thiophene_Guy)

really are very similar despite cultural differences. I highly recommend this book and this movie for your children – it will evoke a lot of excellent questions and discussions.


~ by Nicole on October 27, 2012.

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