Creative Forces & Boredom

Those of you that know my children might know well who has been creatively living out his days at home.  He complains of being bored and I understand he needs to be busier but despite all of his painful cries that he has nothing to do he gets busy.  Over the past week it has been rather endless – making a sweater for his mouse teddy out of an old sock, making a ghost family for Halloween, making an Iphone case out of Lego and in conclusion the obvious creative expression – a painting.

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We tend to avoid boredom in our society but the creative forces take hold when we have TIME and stillness – a little space for the ideas to move into.


~ by Nicole on November 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Creative Forces & Boredom”

  1. Yes! Being busy all the time drains us all–because it doesn’t leave room for searching, inspiration–creativity needs space.

  2. You are a wise mamma.

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