Writing About Writing – And Not Writing

Some days I do not write because I have not enough clarity and so many things to write about.  Some days I do not write because I am so brilliant that I scare myself and am not sure I can share with such strong opinion.  Sometimes I do not write because everything else seems more important and I feel guilty taking the time.  Sometimes I do not write because I cannot find the pictures to go with the writing.  Sometimes I do not write because I feel like maybe its over sharing and boring.  Sometimes I do not write because I do not really feel like writing because life raising four boys is so fricken busy and so unbelievably difficult that I am just all yuck and exhaustion and who wants to hear about that.  On the absolute other hand sometimes I do not write for the opposite reason……it’s all so light and fluffy and positive who really wants to hear that either.  So in summary sometimes I do not write now you know why.  Not writing usually means not reading other peoples blogs and I wish I were better at supporting you all……..gues I just have my hands full and hope you all understand.


~ by Nicole on November 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Writing About Writing – And Not Writing”

  1. I could have written these exact sentiments, but I didn’t – I had too much laundry!

  2. Well, when you do write, you make me very happy to read you, and of all the sources of the stress in a busy mother’s life, the production of the blog and the potential reactions of her readership to what she writes (or doesn’t) shouldn’t even be on the list. xoxoxo

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